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OpenText™ EnCase™ Forensic is a powerful, court-proven, market leading solution built for digital forensic investigations. It enables examiners to triage, collect and decrypt evidence from a wide variety of devices in a forensically sound manner. The built-in, enhanced indexing engine comes with powerful processing speed, advanced index searching and optimized performance. The process is quick, efficient, repeatable and defensible, with the ability to create intuitive reports.

EnCase Forensic 8.11 introduces OpenText Media Analyzer, an optional add-on module. Its AI computer vision technology scans images to identify visual content, significantly improving the efficiency and productivity of investigators.

Opentext Media Analyzer

Advanced AI computer vision technology that identifies case relevant pictures matching 12 pre-defined categories including Pornography and Extremism. Media Analyzer reduces the amount of content investigators need  to manually review, significantly decreasing the time  to discover critical evidence.

The task of identifying case relevant pictures in either a criminal or civil investigation can be a very time-consuming process and is often like looking for a needle in a haystack. A single case can contain thousands of pictures, most of which are not relevant to the investigation. OpenText Media Analyzer, an optional add-on module for EnCase Forensics, allows investigators to harness the power of AI to automatically scan any picture files within the evidence for visual features  that match  the following pre-defined categories:  Pornography, Child Abuse (CSAM), Extremism, Graphic Violence, Drugs, Weapons, ID/Credit Cards, Currency, Alcohol, Gambling, Swim/Underwear and Documents.

Identifies unknown child abuse imagery

Media Analyzer includes a Child Abuse (CSAM) category capable of detecting previously unseen illegal pictures that maybe unknown to law enforcement. This allows investigators to quickly identify recently generated material and potential new victims.

Filter results based on risk

Once Media Analyzer has processed the evidence the investigator can filter the results by category and confidence score. Only pictures matching the specified category and confidence score threshold will be displayed in the gallery viewer, significantly reducing the time to discover critical evidence.

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