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Hubstream Platform

Investigate with Intelligence

The Hubstream platform combines investigative case management, link analysis and visualization, and hyper-customizable workflows into one easy-to-use product.

The NEW STANDARD in intelligence-driven case management

Increased Productivity


Hubstream will make your team faster. They automate repetitive tasks, create rules that fit your data model exactly, and connect data sources to ingest automatically. Users can refer and assign cases in bulk with one click.

Customized for you


Fully customizable. Fully scalable. Workflow, analytics, reporting, and automation all in one case management software.

Critical Insights

Hubstream helps you to uncover the real offenders and prioritize your efforts to actually make an impact.  Hubstream’s data analytics help you to make connections between criminals who are trying hard to cover their tracks.

Replace ineffective databases


Replace your home-grown database or outdating workflows with a modern data platform that is tailor-made to handle the needs of global investigations, multiple teams in multiple divisions who need to “connect the dots” in the data stream flooding in.

Customer success is the priority


Your job is to investigate illicit activities. Hubstream’s job is software. They do not expect you to learn the software on top of your current responsibilities, which is why they make their customer success team available to you for any task you have no matter how big or small – and at no extra charge.

Switch to proactive

Empower every member of your team to focus energy where it matters most. Studies have shown that for many crime types, around 80% of activity is caused by less than 20% of the offenders. Hubstream helps you to identify who they are.