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IT-Forensic Roadshow 2024 - Drop the cyber-beat in your city once again

DATE: January 17, 2024


IT-Forensic Roadshow 2024

mh Service is proud to announce that we will once again be taking to the road with our IT-Forensic Roadshow, visiting our customers in 7 wonderful cities.

This year’s Roadshow will feature brand new cutting-edge technology, time-saving software tools, forensic experts, world-leading partners and our fully equipped, mobile digital forensics laboratory, designed to optimize forensic workflows, catch criminals and close cases.

Our extensive portfolio has been specially designed over the last 30 years hand-in-hand with the European Police – it is handmade in Germany and follows this simple, yet globally accepted, forensic workflow

Please join us at one of the venues listed below, where together we will learn new techniques to help law enforcement officers and digital investigators quickly find, extract and analyse the mass of digital evidence found these days at crime scenes.

A million needles in a million Haystacks.

We are there for you. Made in Germany. mh Service


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